About Us

Virginians for the Arts (VFTA) is a statewide non-profit organization dedicated to adequate funding for the arts and broad education of Virginia’s citizens about the importance of arts and culture to Virginia’s communities economically and from a quality-of-life perspective. Our activities and programs support the following broad principles:

The arts are a vital part of our economy. Virginia arts organizations provide thousands of jobs for artists, administrators, and technical staff. These organizations purchase supplies and building materials, primarily from other Virginia businesses. Art galleries, artist studios, and performance venues enliven urban downtowns and small town Main Streets. Design studios and restaurants soon follow. Across Virginia, local officials have used the arts as a centerpiece of community revitalization and as a tool for attracting and retaining businesses.

The arts are an important component of education. Well-founded, after years of research and application, it is no secret that the arts are an important part of education, as countless studies have shown. Students engaged in the arts are higher academic achievers in all segments of school curricula. They stay in school longer and as adults, do better with teamwork in the workplace.

The arts enrich the lives of Virginians, both the practitioners of the arts and the arts audience.

The arts inspire creativity, teach us new ways of looking at the world and help us to learn about other cultures that are particularly important in the global economy.

What We Do

Virginians for the Arts is dedicated to providing the necessary leadership toward the prosperity of Virginia’s arts industry. VFTA’s implementation of the “Arts Build Communities” campaign is a key initiative designed to increase awareness of the importance of the arts to the lives of all Virginians.

Our Vision & Mission

We are the premiere organization advocating for a secure future for arts in the Commonwealth. The mission of Virginians for the Arts is to advance the interests of the arts and artists for the benefit of all citizens and communities of Virginia.

Our History

We were formed in 1992, to provide united advocacy among Virginia’s arts organizations and advocates to support increased public funding of the Virginia Commission for the Arts.

Our Board & Staff

Our organization’s leadership consists of over two dozen board members and several staff.